Amazing Kids Magic Kit

The Amazing Magic Kit for Kids that's...
Performed by Kids...Taught by Kids...Loved by Kids!


kids magic kit

From: Louie Foxx
Seattle, WA

Are you looking for a kids magic kit? Look no further than the Amazing Kids Magic Kit. This is the only kids magic kit that is designed specifially for kids ages 6-12, and makes learning magic tricks fun and easy!

This kids magic kit is the perfect introduction to the secret world of magic.

Your child will learn exciting magic tricks in this different DVD format... "Kids Teaching Kids DVD"...Kids are the stars of this are the ones performing, and the ones demonstrating how the magic tricks are done.

When kids teach the magic tricks on the DVD that comes with this magic kit, your kids will learn to do magic tricks extra quick. That's because kids teach the magic tricks in a language that other kids can understand.

The Amazing Kids Magic Kit will teach kids ages 6-12 how to do 22 amazing magic tricks and gags:

  • Make cards mysteriously float in the air!
  • Make balls melt through cups!
  • Cause a coin to disappear with the greatest of ease!
  • and much more!

For a FREE preview of the Amazing Kids Magic Kit DVD click the play button above!

This kids magic kit includes:

  • The "Kids Teaching Kids" DVD
  • An easy-to-follow magic trick coaching booklet
  • magic wand
  • 5 large cups
  • Jumbo 2.5 inch coin
  • 5 small cups
  • 3 giant playing cards
  • 1 large ball
  • 4 small balls

Aspiring kid magicians and parents alike will find this kids magic kit a very valuable introduction or addition to the magical interest of kids of all ages.

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If you have any question about the Amazing Kids Magic Kit, feel free to email me or call me at (206) 651-5742


Louie Foxx
P.S. Be sure to order your kids magic kit now to recieve your $10% discount, and discounted shipping!
P.P.S. What other parents have to say about this kids magic kit is more important that what I have to say. Here's what Andrew Sandler had to say about the Amazing Kids Magic Kit; "They loved it! I would recommend it...very easy to use!"

*Colors of actual product may vary from picture.

**Contains small parts, not suitable for kids under 4 years old.

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"My 8 year old grandson is having a blast with this kit. It's safe and fun for friends and family. It's a great birthday present."
Carol Tackett

"I bought this for my nephew's 12th birthday, and he is now putting together his own magic show... Kids just love this. I would definitely recommend this for creative and outgoing children."
Roberta Shettle

"It Was A Big Hit With My Nephew. Thanks"
Kim Saling

"They loved it...Just right for the budding magician"
Chiquita Pearson

"Great starter kit for young magicians"
Julian Burnett

"If your child is into magic this is a great way for them to have fun."
Sandra McGinnis

"It's a great beginner kit for a youngerchild. There is a varietyof exciting things for them to experiment and have fun with."

"Thank you for your prompt shipping - the Magic kit was sent to Brooklyn to my nephew, who, from what I have heard, has not stopped playing with it."
K. Orr

"I think it is a great gift for any child.
My 8 year old loves it!!"

Jan Cummings

"I ordered this for my neice who was expecting a magic kit. At first she was reserved, but now she loves it. The DVD really helped make the difference."
Debbie Wells

"My grandson (9) was so excited when he opened this kit. He started reading & and cheking it out right in the middle of all the (Christmas) mess. I think it is going to supply many hours of fun."
Linda Pendleton

"I bought the kit for a Christmas present. I really like the way kids are teaching kids."
Michelle Rush